Who is Playing In The Dirt?

“Playing In The Dirt” is a privately owned small business dedicated to our absolute love of nature and our harmonious relationship with the earth, giving to and receiving nourishment from each other, so that we both may flourish. To us the simplistic art of gardening is as captivating as life can get. In this crazy, busy and often times overwhelming society that we live, the deep desire for a warm summer day, walking barefoot through the cool grass, the smell of warm earth, the fresh, sweet scented breezes and all the colors returning to the landscape...who could possibly resist? If your response is “That sounds great, but...”,  “I don’t know how to garden”, “I have a black thumb”, or “It’s too much work”... Stick Around! We can teach you that gardening Chemical-Free is really not as difficult a task as you may think.
On this site, there is and will always be so much to wet your appetite for getting out there and enjoy nature with us! The beginning of the gardening season starts in the winter, with making plans, and we'll take you with us from there. Check out our Gallery of garden pics and garden to table showcases. Take a look at our Blog for so much information on different plants, pests to look out for, and HERBS!!! I love herbs! Did you know most of what you would consider to be "weeds" in your yard are actually useful, beneficial and YES, tasty herbs? It's true! People have referred to some of the most useful medicinal herbs as weeds for too long. That is why I named my line of herbal products "WEEDS". I plan to change that to a positive connotation for you! 
In our Shop you will notice that we offer a lot of wonderful herbal products, such as unique, hand crafted herbal teas, soothing herbal baths, delicious culinary blends and more! We also offer another beneficial herb, Hemp. Hemp is a species of the herb plant Cannabis. It has all the same beneficial properties of Cannabis without the "high". The hemp that we use has less than .03% Tetrahydrocannabinol, known as THC. I decided to offer hemp with my products after my own injuries and diagnoses, when my life became consumed by pain and anxiety. I then met the owners of a local CBD shop who volunteered to help me find relief with their CBD products. I gradually saw improvement. Like I said, I have many sources of pain and I am rarely completely pain free. But CBD from Hemp, made such an impression in my daily life that I thought I should offer it to my customers too. So with my beautiful herbal products, "WEEDS", hemp & CBD, we have been helping our clients who suffer with symptoms of medical issues that pharmaceuticals are either not working for, or have so many negative side effects that they become part of the problem.
  I invite you to take a look around our site. Read more about Hemp and CBD on the page, "Why Hemp?" Check out my store with the “Chemical-Free” Herbal Products line, "WEEDS". Try one or two of my products and see what you think. I'm sure you'll enjoy them and come back for more!

One fact about the “Playing In The Dirt” mission is we want everyone to know and trust, you need not one single chemical or unnatural substance of any kind to be a successful gardener. As gardeners, we all have a commitment to the earth to “Do No Harm” and it will return the favor! Gardening is a wonderfully fulfilling hobby. It will probably lead to many hot baths and showers, scrubbing away of dirt in amounts that you may not have ever seen in the mirror before! But I hope you will be proud of how it got there and that you’ll look forward to the next day that you’ll have fun “Playing In The Dirt”!