Who is Playing In The Dirt?

“Playing In The Dirt” is a privately-owned small business dedicated to our absolute love of nature and our harmonious relationship with the earth, giving to and receiving nourishment from each other, so that we both may flourish. The simplistic art of gardening is as captivating as life can get. In this crazy, busy and often depressing society that we live, the deep desire for a warm summer day, walking barefoot through the cool grass, the smell of warm earth and fresh sweet scented breezes, all the colors returning to the fields and the sky...who could possibly resist it? If your response is “That sounds great, but”... “I don’t know how to garden," “I have a black thumb," or “It’s too much work," Stick Around! We can teach you that gardening “Chemical-Free” is really not as difficult a task as you may think. 


On this site, there is and will always be so much to wet your appetite for getting out there and enjoying nature with us! The beginning of the gardening season starts in mid-February, with making plans. Check out our Gallery of garden pics and garden to table showcases and our Blog page for gardening lessons, to help you start gardening, and watch for a lot of other “How To” articles! Of course don’t forget to take a look in our Shop to find our own “Chemical-Free” Herb Garden Products and Handmade Garden Decor.

One fact about the “Playing In The Dirt” gardening style that we want everyone to know and trust, you need not one single chemical or unnatural substance of any kind to be a successful gardener. As a gardener we all have a commitment to the earth to “Do No Harm” and it will return the favor! Gardening is a wonderfully fulfilling hobby. It will probably lead to many hot baths, and scrubbing away dirt in amounts that you may not have ever seen in the mirror before. But you will probably be proud of how it got there and hopefully you’ll look forward to the next day you’ll have fun “Playing In The Dirt!"