It's Always Tea Time...
Herbal Teas & Tisanes

*An Herbal Tea is made with a blend of herbs and actual tea leaves, which come from the Tea Plant known as Camellia Sinensis. All teas from the Camelia Sinensis plant naturally have caffeine. However, the caffeine level differs by many different factors, such as variety, harvest time, growing practices and processing methods.

*An Herbal Tisane is made with a blend of herbs, no tea leaves are included. Therefore Herbal Tisanes have no caffeine.

*Please check the posted % of caffeine for each tea & tisane listed below before ordering.

  • To enjoy the medicinal properties of the herbs, we suggest finishing the steeping within that day.

  • To continue to enjoy the benefits of the tea, you must consume it every day.

  • If you are using a loose-leaf blend, 1 tsp is nearly the equivalent to our 2 gram tea bags, with the exception of Everything Nice Chai Tea, which is ground, so use 1/2 teaspoon.


How to Brew Herbal Tea

Boil water to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. One bag will steep a 16-20 oz pot of tea.

Cover with lid & wrap with a tea towel. The steam helps to steep the tea.

Steep for 15-20 minutes to extract all herbal benefits. If you want a stronger flavor, steep longer.

If you don’t finish the tea, pour remaining tea into a glass jar & refrigerate to enjoy later.

Dispose after 1 week.


​***All of these teas & tisanes can be served hot, or over ice.  Look for the full list of benefits

on the Herbal Tea Benefits page.​​