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Happy Earth Day! April 22, 2020

Happy Earth Day 2020! It's been 50 years of "Give A Hoot, Don't Pollute!", Leaded Gasoline, Industry, Oil Spills, Acid Rain, toxic waste, The Clean Air Act, The Endangered Species Act, The Clean Water Act, Recycle & Reuse, The Greenhouse Effect, Save The Watershed, Global Warming and Clean Energy...

There have been 50 years of Programs, Acts of Congress, Protests, Catch Words, Slogans and Campaigns, yet the earth's pollution condition had not improved... until now!

It took a world wide pandemic to see a physical change in our environment. The needle has finally been moved on the scale of the condition of our earth! After weeks of us all "sheltering at home" our earth is actually recovering! Notably speaking, smog has cleared from 2 of this country's cities with the highest polluted air on record, Los Angeles, California and Denver, Colorado. Other countries around the world have also recorded much less air pollution, such as China, India, Italy, and everywhere in between! It's wonderful!

But we all know, and are actually looking forward returning to our jobs and normal routines when this terrible viral outbreak has passed. Therefore, all of the pollution is expected to return.

So what can we do to keep that from happening?

This is the time for all humans to THINK ABOUT CHANGE. How can each of us change how we live, how we travel, how we function day to day, in and out of our homes, to keep our blue skies blue, our oceans clear and all of the creatures of the earth healthy??? Our polluting ways have become our way of life, part of our everyday hustle and bustle. But right now, our daily hustle is contained. We're all home. Household supplies are limited. PERFECT!!! After all necessity is the mother of invention!

So let's think about it... What are you putting out there? Here are some suggestions:

#1: Your car emissions.

*Car Pool to work.

*Take mass transit.

*Talk to your boss about working from home a few days a week.

*Consolidate trips to the grocery store from picking up a couple things a few days a week to one grocery shopping day per week or every two weeks.

*Keep your cars engine in good efficient condition.

#2: We are all cleaning and disinfecting everything more than ever before, Therefore we are flushing tremendously more chemicals down our drains, throwing away more paper products than ever before, as well as more plastic. There are environmentally friendly alternatives that really do disinfect just as well as cleaning with chemicals. WHITE VINEGAR is a natural disinfectant and it's so much cheaper than chemical cleaning products!!!

*Mix white vinegar and water 50/50 in a spray bottle and use it to clean anything and everything! If you don't like the smell of vinegar, add 20-30 drops of your favorite essential oil.

*Instead of pop-up containers of chemical disinfectant wipes, cut up old t-shirts or use a stack of cheap wash cloths, stack them up in a plastic food storage container, poor in the same 50/50 vinegar and water solution and cover with a lid. Use these cloths to wipe down door knobs, light switches, the kids toys, furniture, even your car steering wheel and hand grips. Let the surface air dry to continue to kill germs then toss the cloth in your laundry to clean and use again.

*Use straight vinegar in your dish washer to clean and disinfect your dishes. Or even better, wash your dishes by hand using vinegar and hot water.

*Change to a plant based environmentally friendly laundry detergent and

*use a vinegar and baking soda mixture to work on any stains.

#3: Less waste. This covers a broad list of things we throw away that can be used less, re-used, recycled or shared.

*Use less water.

*Buy ONE reusable drink bottle and ONE water filter for your tap or refrigerated water, instead of buying case after case of plastic throw away water bottles.

Talk to your family and friends about what we can do to keep our current clearing air, water and soil. If we all just think of 2 ways to lessen our pollution footprint on the earth, we can all continue make a difference and improve its condition as we join together again. Our grandchildren and theirs, and all living things can enjoy these bluer skies for centuries to come.

Get out there and enjoy your day without driving. Take a walk, have a picnic, or just Have Fun PLAYING IN THE DIRT!!!


Here are a couple interesting articles about Earth Day…/…/82g4_l2SXI2WYgdz677E6ZBpDzPdMnBgvl

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