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Happy New Year Everyone!

New beginnings really rejuvenate me, especially after last year!

Boy, 2020 REALLY STUNK! It seemed to relentlessly torture all of us! But I refuse to talk about all of the loss of the past anymore...

New Year, New Vaccine, New President, we need a NEW POSITIVE OUTLOOK!

So as part of our fresh, “feel good” outlook on 2021, I am announcing two new medicinal teas! I had many inquiries from customers, over the past year, about teas for these particular medical issues and these two issues were mentioned to me the most. I have done the research and found the best herbs for the job. I am currently gathering ingredients, blending and then will be testing with volunteers to be sure that they will work. I will have these two new teas ready for sale this Spring!

The first tea will be for our wonderful women who experience a great deal of troubling symptoms with their menstruation cycle. In my research the herbs that I have chosen for this tea have been found to give relief to these symptoms: excessive bleeding, cramping, irregular periods and some symptoms of PMS, such as mood swings, anxiety, migraines & bloating. Ugh! God Bless the women!

The second tea will be for so many of us who have been diagnosed with Diabetes. In my research the herbs in this tea have been shown to reduce fasting blood sugar levels, reduce triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and total cholesterol, improve insulin resistance and decrease HbA1c levels! Boy it would be great to get the doctor of our case, huh?

I’m so looking forward to hearing from any or all of you with any thoughts or ideas on how to better serve you. We only get one body and one life here on this planet and we want to feel good enough to enjoy it!

I am not a medical professional. I am an herb gardener, who sees the value of medicinal benefits of using herbs. I find the research very interesting and I enjoy sharing it with all of you. But please always check with your doctor before relying on my products as your only source of action. It is my intention to help, not hurt.

Remember you can always message me on Facebook, or email - , or my website -

Or even text me - 717-686-8535. Thank you for being interested in what I do!

-Diana Kump, Owner

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